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It is our policy at Transport Works to develop and deliver Transport and Logistics services that exceed our customer's expectations. We are committed to achieving a level of quality, which will set the pace in the Transport and Logistics marketplace in terms of value and service. We are progressing on a quality journey, which will be profitable for our customers, our people, our suppliers and our company. We seek continuous improvement in all our processes.

We intend to achieve and sustain this policy by implementing a quality management system base don the following principles:

  • 1- People are our key resource
  • 2- Our creativity and commitment to exceeding customers needs and expectations, ensures our future. We are empowered and held accountable for meeting the needs of our customers.
  • 3- We understand and define our customers' current requirements and strive to anticipate their future needs. We view our business as a value adding system.
  • 4- We treat suppliers as partners and encourage them to join us on the Quality Journey.
  • We measure the performance of our processes in meeting customer requirements and use the information to continuously improve.
  • 5- We will at all times conform to the requirements of the relevant regulatory authorities and Professional Associations

Policy authorized by : Managing Director

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